USABIDET H2 our original toilet seat bidet attachment
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  • Our tried-and-true original model introduced in 1989.
  • The USABIDET H-2 has seen few modifications since it was intorduced - as the saying goes, " if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  • What you get with the USABIDET H-2 is simplicity, plain and simple. Its water pressure can be adjusted as easily as the faucet on your kitchen sink.
  • It's an economical device for low-maintenance needs but provides all of the benefits of the H-1 model. In the end, you're left with comfort,    cleanliness, a reduced environmental footprint, and a little bit of extra space where you used to store toilet paper.
  • The USABIDET H-2 can be installed to accommodate elevated toilet seats and those equipped with spray guard attachments, an important feature to individuals who rely on a wheelchair or walker for mobility.
  • They're stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Made in the USA.




Medical grade stainless steel Construction


Syringe port


Delrin® polymer palm button


Polished Turn Handle


Self-cleaning nozzle


Half-crescent wand


Full-crescent bail


500 mL medical solution reservoir bag


Catheter-type roller clamp


Adjustable water pressure


Perineal wash solution sample


Installation hardware kit


Left-handed option




  • Item #: USABIDET H-2

USABIDET H2 our original toilet seat bidet attachment

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